Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your website to DMOZing Web Directory, please review the following guidelines to help increase the chances of your website being accepted.

Adhering to our standards of quality will help ensure a positive user experience for everyone. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the delay or rejection of your submission.

Websites We Do Not Accept
The following types of websites that will NOT be accepted into our web directory include the following:

  • Websites that are under construction or have incomplete pages
  • Websites with insufficient content, broken links and images, or lacking content
  • Websites with duplicate content, mirror pages, doorway pages and pages created solely for advertising or SEO purposes
  • Websites consisting primarily of affiliate links or banners or to other websites
  • Websites made for Adsense (MFA), Content Mills and Lead Generators
  • Websites that redirect to another address, disguised URLs and Tracking URL’s
  • Adult Websites that contain or promote sexual and pornographic content or images
  • Websites that promote illegal activity including drugs, drug paraphernalia, warez, and hacking
  • Websites that contain or promote hate, violence and racial intolerance against any individual, group or organization
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes
  • Websites without contact information
  • Profile pages, Facebook pages, and other social media type pages
  • Websites that contain excessive ads, popups or popunders
  • Search results from other websites, search engines or web directories
  • Websites that are already listed within our directory

Title & Description

Provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description for your website. Website title should match that of your website. This usually includes the official name of the website or company.

Site descriptions should not be too promotional which can be interpreted as spam. Avoid items like discounts, pricing, telephone numbers or other information that is subject to change. Avoid words like “best”, “cheapest”, “greatest” or any other exaggerated adjective.

  • Do NOT use  Keyword stuffing and other spammy tactics
  • Do NOT include URLs in the title or description field (e.g.
  • Do NOT repeat the title of your website or keywords
  • Do NOT use ALL CAPITAL letters in your title or description

Non-English Websites

Any Non-English websites must be submitted to the appropriate regional category. This includes the use of anything other than US currency for products and services.

Approved websites that are later found violating ANY of our submission guidelines will be removed. If you find any violations or offensive pages listed within DMOZing Web Directory, please report the URL and listing information to us using our Contact page.

Free and Paid Reviews
Any fees charged are to cover the extra costs associated with priority service and or features added to your listing. We DO NOT sell any link for page rank development and SEO purposes.

Payment does not guarantee approval to our web directory, or that your listing will receive the site placement, title or description requested. The final placement and details of all listings will be determined by the reviewing editor.

Refund Policy
Any payment made does not guarantee placement or any entitlement to a refund.  Generally, refunds are not issued after your website has been approved and added to our directory.

Submission and Review Process
We are a very small company with little staff available. Please allow us ample time to process your submission.

Submission for any free or paid listings acknowledges acceptance and agreement of our submission guidelines.

Submission Editing
Placements and editing of any submission to our directory is at our sole discretion. DMOZing reserves the right to reject any listing submitted for review for any reason.

We reserve the right not to include any specific keywords in the title or description of your site, decline any submission, move the listing to a different category or subcategory, and change or remove any keywords at any time, for any reason.

We reserve the right to remove any listing without notice if we find any violations with our guidelines, or that we otherwise believe should not be included in the directory.

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove all or part of these terms at any time.

(updated February 12, 2014)