About Us

About the DMOZing Open Web Directory

is an open web directory with SEO friendly links. Submit your website and get listed. There is never a charge for a basic listing.

DMOZing does not in any way attempt to portray or form any association with DMOZ, AOL, or Netscape Communications Corporation.

Instead of creating the typical “DMOZ sux” type of website… the intentions of this site is to build the type of web directory webmasters have expected from DMOZ instead. One that is truely “the definitive catalog of the web” and continues in the spirit of the Open Source movement.

What does the term “DMOZing” mean ?

d·moz·ing, noun
to cause great wonder or astonishment; astonish greatly.
causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

After years of trying to get my website listed in a certain “open” web directory that claims to have been “founded in the spirit of the Open Source movement” and more recently failing to get a few other websites listed that I felt were much better than similar listed sites — I began to experience a strange feeling.

Was it just me? I began researching and reading how many other webmasters had felt towards this web directory and found more troubling issues with it and its editors than I could imagine. It became DMOZing to see all these people submitting their web sites only to find out they do not have a chance in hell to actually get listed.

This practice has become DMOZing to the morale of webmasters worldwide as they can only pray for a miracle that they will possibly become listed some day and the inspiration for this website.