Successful link submissions to DMOZing must meet our standards of quality. Our goal is to provide a positive user experience for all our visitors. DMOZing reserves the right to reject any listing submitted for review for any reason. We may edit submissions on occasion to correct minor errors.  We will reject those that clearly do not adhere to our guidelines.

Websites We Do Not Accept

Websites that do not belong in our web directory include anything illegal, pornography, and incomplete websites. We will also reject submissions that we deem as spam or that are advertising only, such as product landing pages and affiliate websites. For full details, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Unnatural Links Penalty

Google’s email to webmasters and website owners spawned a frenzy to clean up their acts. These emails included a warning to “look for possibly artificial or unnatural links.

DMOZing does not accept payment for any regular listing and does not participate in any link scheme and therefore was not a target of this penalty. We have always worked hard to follow their policies and stay within their webmasters guidelines.

Our web directory has not been affected or penalized by any of these recent changes with their algorithms. Therefore, we strongly believe that a link on our website does no more harm than having your link anywhere else… including Google’s own index.

Google’s Disavow Tool

Threats on using this tool against this directory will just be ignored as we really don’t care. We believe that this tool was created only for the purpose of identifying the work of black-hat SEO’s who were attempting to manipulate page rank by purchasing and or creating link schemes for the benefit of websites that hired them.

We also strongly believe that the use of this tool can do more harm to your website than ours.

No Follow Links

This link attribute was created for the purpose of marking links as either untrusted content or as a paid link. Since DMOZing screens all link submissions and does not charge for linking, we do not use the “no follow” attribute on our directory links as explained in their webmaster’s guidelines

Link Removal Requests

We hate to see you leave, but we understand the situation. We also hope that you have done your homework and are not taking the advice from the same “SEO experts” that are responsible for most of the recent penalties assessed.

Please let me assure you that DMOZing was not a target of the “unnaturual links” or any other penguin or panda update. We do NOT practice any “link schemes”, we follow their guidelines and do the best we can to keep the spam out.

Since we have received many requests for this option, DMOZing offers two ways to get your listing removed.

1) Free Listing Removal Service – If you submitted a website prior to 2014 and haven’t registered yet, you must first claim your listing by following the instructions posted here:

Claim Listing

This process will confirm proper ownership and offers the option to mark a listing for removal from our directory.

2) Priority Listing Removal Service – In a rush and don’t want to bother with the formalities with registering an accound with us? For a small service fee, interested parties can find our Priority Link Removal Service form at:

Priority Removal Service

What’s New

DMOZing looks forward to the New Year and is committed to improve its web directory. We are busy working on many changes to our website. Plans include new features to handle your requests to change or remove your links with us. Our intention will be to continue our free listing model as much as possible. Stay tuned

(updated March 17, 2014)